Office Wave 15 Price Increases, Licensing Changes Announced December 1

Several sites have announced that Microsoft will release the new Wave 15 product set through Volume License price lists on December 1st. Changes include a consolidating and collapsing versions, suite changes and price increases.

The changes are listed here. We believe these changes are a means to jump-start a difficult Microsoft first fiscal half in their Business to Business sales segments. If you have these Office products under SA currently, you will completely own the current version within the licensing conversion plans and rules. You should seriously consider whether it is necessary to renew these under SA, as many of them might not ever even have a next on-premise version (might all move to the cloud). But, if you want to continue to place your bets on what’s next, Microsoft will happily take your Software Assurance payments.

Important Office Wave 15 Changes

User CALs will incur a 15% price increase on 1st December. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t convert your Device CALs to User CALs at renewal (even if your renewal is a Component CoreCAL only EA). Or, ask for a mix of Device and User CALs (or convert them to Select SA). The idea being, that User CALs will be pricier because they will allow a user to access their covered servers from 5 devices.

Additionally, the following new products become available on 1st December:

SharePoint 2013

Change:  SharePoint Server is collapsing into one version vs. Std & Enterprise Price: 38% increase compared to SharePoint 2010

Lync Server 2013*

Change:  Consolidated to one edition from previous Standard and Enterprise versions. Price:  Substantial price increase when compared to Lync 2010 Standard Server – dependent upon your Volume Licensing agreement. We understand that Skype functionality will be included in all CALs and USLs.

Visio 2013

Change:  Visio Premium will be retired. Only Visio Professional will be offered. Price:  Visio Standard increase of 20%, Visio Professional jumps 5%.

Project 2013

Price:  Project Standard and Professional increases 5%. Price:  Project Server increasing by 15%.

Office 365 

Change:  Additional sub-functioned versions of Visio and Project moving to the cloud. Price:  Increase of between 5% and 8% dependent upon your O365 plan.

Office 2013 (on premise)

Change:  Suite changes – Commercial Use Subscription available for Mobile Devices. Price:  No change.

Exchange Server 2013

Change:  No more External Connector. Price:  No change.

Enterprise CAL Suite

Change:  Forefront UAG CAL will be removed from ECAL 3.0. Change:  Exchange Online Archiving taken out of the Exchange Enterprise CAL but added into eCAL Suite or available as an “add-on”. Change:  Exchange Online Protection and DLP will be added into the Exchange Enterprise CAL.

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